Image of an oil refinery

We are delighted to announce that CR3 has been awarded a contract to undertake Oil Flushing works for Thailand’s leading refinery and supplier of petroleum products. The works are part of the refinery owner’s Clean Fuel Project expansion, which aims to increase refining capacity, resulting in the increased production of more environmentally friendly fuels.

Oil flushing is a maintenance service provided for industrial plants specifically designed to cleanse the oil lines in their equipment. The procedure effectively eliminates impurities by either dislodging them from the inner surfaces of the system or dissolving them in the flushing oil. The process significantly improves the performance and longevity of vital equipment. The project is scheduled to start in July 2023 and is expected to be completed by Q1 of 2025.

CR3 provides a full range of pre-commissioning services, including oil flushing, to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of new processes before entering service. Please click the link below to find out more:

CR3 Pre-commissioning Services