Your Challenges

Once new process facilities are mechanically complete, operators need assurance that the assets constructed will perform safely and reliably. Any defects to equipment or piping systems during manufacture or installation can pose significant risks to people, the environment and business reputation.

How We Support Your Business

CR3 provides a comprehensive portfolio of properly engineered, high-quality pre-commissioning services. Operating under a single project management team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support our clients with detailed planning, coordination and execution of various pre-commissioning scopes, including pressure testing, water flushing, air blowing and drying.

The CR3 Difference

Safety is the highest priority of every pre-commissioning project we undertake. Our commitment to safety has led to the implementation of our own safety passport system, with all our technicians being accredited through a rigorous in-house training programme. You can rest assured that our work is not only timely and cost-efficient but safe and reliable too.

Main Services Include

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