Your Challenges

Prior to starting up any reactor, vessel or piping system, operators of processing facilities need assurance of safety, quality and reliable performance. Improperly manufactured, installed, or maintained pipelines, production facilities, and pressure piping systems can pose a significant risk to your company, its people and the environment.

How We Support Your Business

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of properly engineered, high-quality pipeline & process services both onshore and offshore, including pipeline cleaning, pressure testing, water flushing, hydro-jettingcold cutting, specialist oil flushing, mercury decontamination, pneumatic testing, purging and nitrogen/helium leak testing, among others.

The CR3 Difference

Operating under a single project management team to ensure optimal safety, quality and schedule efficiency, we support our customers with detailed planning, coordination and execution for various work scopes.

Main Services Include

  • Vacuum testing (inside to outside or outside to inside)
  • Online pigging programs
  • Application of internal coatings
  • Mercury removal / decontamination / abandonment programs
  • Intelligent pigging
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