CR3 Malaysia (CRAM) together with ZymeFlow Decon Technology recently executed a decontamination and chemical cleaning project at a petrochemical plant in Johor, Malaysia.

We decontaminated the quench system, butadiene unit and BTX tower and cleaned five vertical heat exchangers in the butadiene unit. During the project, we were also tasked with cleaning the heat exchangers on the naphtha cracker.

Due to the heavy fouling of the feed preheat exchanger, conventional high-pressure water jet cleaning would have been ineffective, so we used a proprietary blended chemistry to fluidise and dissolve the hard hydrocarbon deposits in the tubes. The first stage of the circulation process succeeded in dissolving the hard residue, while the second stage eliminated all toxic gases, hydrocarbon vapours and pyrophoric material. During this process, the chemistry also degreased and removed all remaining impurities in the system, saving significant time.

CRAM achieved the KPI’s for LELs, H2S (hydrogen sulphide), Benzene and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in less than 12 hours with no pyrophoric material remaining. We also minimised the COD (chemical oxygen demand) levels of the wastewater to well below the spec required for it to be sent directly to the wastewater treatment plant.